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why are some functions not working?

  1. i experience the "Blix" cateogories problem again, (the icons for categories do not appear after i change the custom sidebar widget that includes "Categories") the default categories for both post and blogroll is saved, but actually not appears if i click "write post" button on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

  2. I'm showing your blog as being deleted. Can you please point us to the blog in question (as well as the older thread since I don't recall this issue and can't find it right off when I view your forum account here) so we can see what is occuring.


  3. ok, i made up two testing blogs which "clearly" show the issue. <-- this is the "default" setting, <-- this is the "custom" setting.

    Any help to resolve this is issue would be dearly appreciated.

  4. hmm...i don't think this would help, but since drmike requested, i will put the link of the previous thread.

  5. If you use the forum search box you will find that the issue of the little gold icons in the Blix sidebar has come up many times. The way I recall it is: that it's an "either or" situation. Either you display the theme's sidebar how it was designed by the theme designer with the default icons or you replace it with the widgets that you stick in there and the icons are gone.
    Here's a relevant forum search box thread that was under "I can't see my links"

  6. umm...does anybody have any help on the default categories for posting and blogroll? I'm not talking about the icon issue, the default categories that is checked already if you click "write post" button at the top blue bar.

  7. I also remember this being discussed in the threads in the forum search box. Have you checked there?

  8. The icons are present with the theme. The widgets are seperate outside of the theme and are set to work with any theme. The icons are special for teh blix theme and, if you use the widgets, they replace the entire sidebar.

    You can send in a feedback and request a special widget for the Blix theme. Staff might be willing to do something like that.

    Next time, I would suggest doing screen caps to show an issue. Creating new blogs on the fly just uses more resources on the backend.

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