Why are some of my images displaying differently when clicked on?

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    Normally when I click on one of my images, I get a full screen (wide screen) blow up of the image. If I click again on the image (the cursor is now a plus sign) it blows it up even larger. Clicking on the image a 3rd time (the cursor is now a minus sign) the image returns to the full screen size. If I want to go back to the blog page, I click on the back arrow. That is what normally happens and what I want to happen.
    The problem: Now, when I click on the newly added images, the images just get bigger on the blog page (not the wide screen), the accompanying text dissappears and the image file name appears. If I click again on the image, a different image from the page appears.
    You can see this for yourself on the “New Image” page of my blog.
    On the “New Works 2012” page you can see how it used to work if you click on any except the bottom (most recent) image. That last image is also not working normally.
    There must have been a setting that changed but I can’t find it. The images (photos) are all about the same size and all are jpegs.
    Blog url: http://johnwhophoto.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is johnwhophoto.wordpress.com.


    I think you’ve used the Attachment view in the post editor. When you post an image, there is a choice of how you want the image to be linked: none, file URL or attachement URL. File gives you the wide screen with the plus cursor that you’re used to, attachment gives you the other view that you’ve got now. It’s easy enough to fix, just into the post editor for the ones that are displaying wrongly and change the link part of it then click update.

    This is a little old, but the info still applies:




    Thank you so much! It was exactly as you described. I knew it was a matter of one errant instruction but I had no clue where to look. I do find that I needed to delete the image completely from the gallery and reload it for the new choice to stick but that is OK now that I understand the problem. Thanks again!

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