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Why are some of my pics missing AGAIN???

  1. OK, last time it was my fault. I had cleaned out my gallery.
    THIS time, the pics are THERE. In gallery. In my post, when I go to EDIT mode and look. But they do not show up when in 'View my blog' mode, meaning, EVERY view mode available.

    This is the post I am referring to:

    I have checked it and re-checked it and re-checked it.
    They were all A-OK last night. I just noticed it now.

    What would be the reason for this? Because the photos ARE there in ADMIN/EDIT mode??


  2. Refresh browser.
    Triple-quadruple-check that you have not moved the photos from one folder to another or renamed them.

  3. ..and by the way, words written in capital letters only are seen as shouting and screaming, and annoys a lot people. Thought I'd just mention it.

  4. so sorry for the shouting... just frustrated because I just went through this a few days ago.

    The pics seem to be there right now. So thanks. I do have a msg. into support also.

    I apologize once again for shouting. *typing in a soft, quiet whisper*


  5. That's ok, apology accepted :-)
    And what happened with you pics - well - that is computers for you. Unless you actually delete them, they're there, but sometimes the digital road is blocked. Sometimes highwaymen, sometimes maintenance.

  6. Hello
    sorry if the H to my Hello offended anyone! ( or my I's)
    I also have photos missing but I am hoping they will come back soon by magic. If not I may have to change my passwords . Good luck I hope your pictures come back again soon.

  7. Changing your passwords won't do anything. We need a direct link to a post on your blog where you've put pictures which are not showing up. We can't help if we can't see what we're talking about.

  8. I haven't gone through my entire photoblog (, but I have one post where the picture appears and disappears randomly. (post) (picture that belongs in the post)

    The blog is using Monotone. I'm using Firefox running in Fedora 7.

  9. I think it's probably a server issue, so alert staff via the Support button, assuming it's enabled right now.

  10. BTW I do see the image just fine.

  11. raincoaster,

    Sorry for the confusion...I posted this original thread days ago. The other peoples' posts to it today re-activated it.


  12. Marked as resolved 6/11/08. 5:26pm PST

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