Why are some of my shared posts pointing others back to the wrong domain

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    Can you look into my account or accounts. I may have accidentally created several trying to resolve this issue. I don’t know why but for some reason when I create posts from my self hosted wordpress blog at http://chrismahar.com some of them share out correctly but some do not.

    And I am receiving emails back from the following address
    Mahars Blog <(email redacted)> which is good I guess because I like knowing that my blog posts are going out and being shared and all.

    The problem I have is that Your System is evidently using some incorrect (old actually) domain information in these emails it is sending out.

    For example the MAIN ARTICLE LINK in these emails works correctly most…… but not all of the time, and sends the reader to the correct article on my blog at

    They should ALWAYS be pointing back to the domain they were posted from right?

    And related, and just as distressing is this:

    Right underneath the working article link is an AUTHOR LINK showing my name (Chris Mahar) as the author. The name is correct but the url it’s linked to is WRONG

    The problem is that my AUTHOR NAME is linked to http://dadgotrich.com/?author=1

    I do own that domain name but there is not even a site there and it is confusing my readers when they get a post from me but they click on it and it takes them to a site that does not even exist. Try going to my domain http://dadgotrich.com and you wil see what I mean.

    Anything coming from WordPress.com should always be pointing back to http://chrismahar.com for both the published article (the post) and the Author
    Can you please help diagnose this for me as soon as possible.

    I don’t know what else to try.

    Sincere thanks,

    Chris Mahar
    (email redacted) (most used)
    (email redacted)

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