Why are some shortcodes not parsed in subscriber emails?

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    I’ve been using Jetpack’s subscription feature since it first launched. However, I was just recently pointed to a problem with it. I frequently use code snippets in my blog posts (sometimes marked up with <code>, sometimes marked up with a [cci] shortcode). I use the Code Colorer plugin, which adds the [cci] shortcode for inline code snippets. But from the looks of things, the shortcodes aren’t being parsed at all before Jetpack sends out emails to my subscribers.

    For example, the plaintext portion ends up looking like this: https://gist.github.com/fc7a656f97cbcca1ec1d. All of the <code> blocks are cleaned up just fine, but every inline [cci] tag has been left alone. My guess is that Jetpack is skipping applying any sort of filters to the post content before building the email.

    Also, I can confirm that this is happening in the HTML version of the email as well.

    Does Jetpack ignore shortcodes?

    The blog I need help with is eamann.com.



    Hi Eric,

    This is a known issue with Jetpack and subscription emails. Currently, any shortcode that is not used on WordPress.com (see the full list here) will show up as the original shortcode in the subscription email, and will not show the content that is generated by the shortcode. So your guess is completely correct, Jepack does not apply the shortcode filters before building the email. The Jetpack team is working on a solution to this, but I do not have a timeline for you at the moment.

    If I can help you with anything else, please do let me know!

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