Why are some subscribers not recieving emails when I update my blog?

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    Yesterday I published an update to my blog and some of my subscribers have said they did not receive an email notification. I have combed the site and cannot find a way to know if the update went out to all of my subscribers. All of my previous published updates have gone very smoothly. Please advise!
    Blog url: http://risagrande.wordpress.com/


    We do send out all subscriptions, but we don’t track if the message was received or not. There are a number of factors which could cause a user to not receive a subscription message. The most common reasons are either that they are not really subscribed by email or the email is being blocked or filtered by their email provider.

    The first thing you’ll want to check is to make absolutely sure they users in question are subscribed by email. To do that, you’ll need to ask them if they subscribed with a WordPress.com account or not.

    If they subscribed with an email address that isn’t used on WordPress.com, you can check to see if they are subscribed by looking at the Dashboard → Site Stats → Subscribers → Email Subscribers list.

    If they subscribed with a WordPress.com account, they will be listed on your Dashboard → Site Stats → Subscribers → WordPress.com Subscribers list and the user needs to check from inside their account to find out if they have the email option turned on.

    WordPress.com users can make sure they are subscribed by email by by going to http://wordpress.com/ → Subscriptions tab → Manage Blog Subscriptions and making sure something other than “Never” is selected in the email column.



    Thank you! This helped.

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