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Why are some users closed out from Forum ?

  1. Yes, they would still have a profile, and minkowski does not have a profile since the username that registered was "fields". The username "minkowski is reserved to go with "fields" could get the minkowski username if they wanted since it goes with their blog.

  2. Since a user can just be a "contributer" on a private blog, I don't believe it should be necessary that any person can search and find account names, at will.

  3. @dlager
    I agree with you.

  4. hermanminkowski

    It seems that I cannot ask from Support anything and there is no form to fill in
    It used to be there. Did the staff go for a leave ?
    The name "Minkowski" is an author name, not a user name
    I have been using several user names, one was Stenbocken.
    It is me who has been blocked out, I never could find out the reason
    But if the staff blocks someone, it is no serious problem sin it is possible to create a new user name. Therefore, there is no point in blocking someone.

  5. Yes, staff is gone till the 15th.

  6. You can contact them by email at [email redacted] .

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