Why are Tag Cloud and Category Cloud Different?

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    Was noticing this while playing around with the widgets….

    Category cloud gives you many useful options like max # of categories to show, min/max font percentage, and excluding certain categories. The tag cloud however only gives you the option to add a title to the widget. It seems like the customizations in the Category Cloud widget would be in even more use on the Tag Cloud widget.

    I’m not using the Tag Cloud widget mainly because I happen to have gone tag crazy and now have a whopping 400+ unique tags which become way too cluttered when using the widget. I am using the category cloud widget however.

    Any thoughts?

    The blog I need help with is goofballcommittee.wordpress.com.



    The Tag Cloud will also only display, I believe, 45 tags, no matter how many you have.


    This has been discussed before and quite a number of us figured that staff would eventually add come options to the tag cloud widget, but that was a couple years ago and still no options for the tag cloud.

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