Why are the blog posts not appearing sequentially, with the newest on top?

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    Hi, I need some help. Our blog posts not appearing sequentially, with the newest on top. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I checked that I have selected the homepage shows the latest posts.



    Because you have marked them all as sticky posts. Remove that and they will be in the proper order



    That’s a new one for me. OK, I will look for the “sticky posts” option. Thanks for the fast reply.
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    Here’s a question:
    For all those people who want to reverse the order of their posts, could they use this “sticky posts” problem in their favor: make the newest post last, oldest first? Or is there a limit to the # of stickies you can have? Or do they behave oddly if you edit one of them so it moves out of order?


    Good questions. No answers here though. I think it would be a problem with a lot of posts since it would override the # of posts per page setting in settings > reading and at some point would become totally unwieldy. You could end up with hundreds of posts on the main page.


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    Or what if you set your blog to display, say 5 posts per page. Then, in the oldest you’d write links to categories. and in the other 4, you wrote nothing (or had a blank div. So it would sort of act like a static page without the static page (is it true you loose search engine juice with a static page?). Readers would click a link and see a category page with 5 posts listed. etc.


    Yeah, you do lose juice. Search engines scan main pages more often than the rest so if they see the same thing over and over they don’t look at your blog as much and will only scan your post page when they scan your other “pages.” I’ve been told it can make a pretty big difference.


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    So then using sticky post as a variation of static page/categories is not much different. Perhaps worse because there would be the 5 same posts on the main page every time. If you put only one sticky, then category page clicks would only show pages with one post as well.

    So people who misuse the sticky post by mistake are messing up the order of their posts, and over time are hurting their own blog’s searchable-ness. hmm.


    @tess: I’ve only tested this once, with just a few posts, so I could be wrong but I think multiple stickies also show up in the usual order.

    But multiple stickies are a no-no anyway. For one thing, because they override the number of posts per page, as tsp says. Beyond a certain number, I think some of them will start showing up in both the front page and the next. I had seen a blog with 30 or so stickies, and it was a complete mess.

    As you know, one way to reorder your posts is having a static front page, and writing a list of links to them (either in that front page or in a text widget).

    A similar way (again with a static front page) is taking advantage of the Categories or Links widgets, since both categories and links show up alphabetically: either categorize your posts in an alphabetical way, e.g. Chapter A, Chapter B, etc., or give them titles of this type and add the links to them as a blogroll. In both cases you’d give the appropriate name to the widget, of course.

    Another, no static front, way is changing the time-stamps of the posts (you can even hide the time-stamps, if the dates don’t matter). But I don’t think this is a good way, because after you fill the front page, a visitor won’t readily see you’ve got a new post. We’ve got the Recent Posts widget, of course, but its impact isn’t the same.

    (In my blog I’ve got a static front page and no main posts page, so you can only access posts via categories, and I don’t post frequently, so what I do is announce each new post in the front page.)

    Another, again no static front, way for the adding-chapters-of-a-book idea could be continually updating the SAME post, splitting it into pages with the Nextpage tag.


    We get quite a few requests for reversing the order of posts, either for good reason, or simply because the person hasn’t thought it through completely, and I for one think it would be a good thing for wordpress to add. I don’t know how much work it would be because I don’t know if that is defined in the theme files, or in the underlying wordpress files. If in the wordpress files, there would be far less work to implement it. If it is defined in the theme files though, that is a big mess since the PHP for each theme can be quite different.

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