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Why are the Images not displaying in widgets?

  1. The images in the image widgets are not displaying. Just the white question mark in blue square. I have loaded them successfully before, so know how to get the image URL and paste it into the appropriate space, but it's just not working and I can't work out why this should be. I've tried using the full URL for the image and the short link but nothing works.

  2. The only Image widget that you have set at is completely empty.

    Would you lease set it as desired so I can see the problem?

  3. Sorry - I was sure the blog I had selected was This is the one I am having the problem with. Thanks.

  4. What you have provided as the Image URLs are not image file URLs.

    For example, focussing specifically on "FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD" you provided

    This is a page with an image on it, but it's not an image URL.

    The image URL is

    To get that, click on that page where it states the image dimensions, "5060 × 3373" in this case.

    The same issue is true for the other broken Image widgets.

  5. Oh dear - what a silly mistake. It is odd because I went to the media library for the image, not the post, so I really don't know how I managed to get the page URL. Anyway, thank you for responding so promptly and helpfully to my query. I do appreciate it.

  6. You're welcome!

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