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Why are the links in the Store not working for me?

  1. I'm trying to click on "Custom Domain" and "Guided Transfer" in the Store section of the WordPress website, and neither link is working for me. Please help!

  2. Guided transfer is to move a blog FROM WordPress.COM onto another host that is using WordPress.ORG software

    All upgrades require an active base blog to buy the upgrade for.

    First you need to register a blog name that you like for your move onto WordPress.COM. Then you can buy and map a domain name to the blog.

    If you have an existing domain name you will want to map the existing domain name to the blog here.

    Pasting HTML pages has some problems. Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing >> Make sure "WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically" is selected. remember to save changes

    When you paste the new text in - you need to Paste as Plain text or Word Document - 2nd line down on the text editor - use the box with a "T" or "W" in it.

  3. To help you learn WordPress.COM - please see these links

    Support documents & learn WordPress

    To paste from Word

    To paste in as plain text to strip harmful html from the text

  4. If you have your own custom domain name - you will need to map the domain name AFTER you have your content moved and the blog set up and ready to go

  5. Thank you! I'll try this!

  6. You be welcome & good luck

  7. Hi. I'm back. Sorry, I'm new to trying all this. So, is it not possible to import all the HTML from our Homestead design into WordPress? I've mapped our domain from Homestead to WordPress, but to get our site up and running, do we need to basically start the design of the website over again?

  8. yes you need to pretty much start over - but if you saved your html stuff you can paste the text in

    Remember to set to correct html code

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing >> WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically - remember to save changes

    Paste From Word

    Intro to the Visual Editor
    Pasting Text

    If you copy and paste text from somewhere else, you may discover that it does not always appear exactly as you would expect. If you use the Paste as text button then a special cleanup process will run to remove any special formatting and HTML tags that may otherwise change your text.

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