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Why are there 2 blogs existing on my single URL ?

  1. My blog seems to have duplicated itself. When I log in, it shows me two blogs with identical urls under my name. How do I remove the empty blog without deleting the content and URL of the other one which is the prime one.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is probably a spelling error somewhere - I have however seen one case where the drop down had a blog listed twice - same blog - the staff fiddled with things for a while and gave up - one blog is listed twice on the drop down -

    What is the URL of each blog? Do they have identical content? If you can post links it would help

  3. Thanks auxclass. Everything is identical. U are right the drop down has it listed twice...One has content, the other is empty, yet my post titles also get duplicated and show uo on my main page, which is irritating for the visitors too... If I go to delete the dupe blog, it will remove the other too as all details like URL are the same. Really befuddled! How did this even happen :((

  4. Don't delete anything - I have flagged this for the staff to look at your account.

    The drop down could have a bug - but there is an internet thing that there can't be duplicate addresses - can you please visit each blog and copy and paste the URL here? If the content is not quite identical it could be a spelling error - I have seen several "duplicate blogs" that had one little letter different and I was not able to see the difference until I posted the two URL's right above each other -


    Please check and advice how to delete the one on top, which if you will check, has no posts... I think you are bang on, the url's are diff... One was created before and then I changed the URL, and the old one still remains in my dropdown :(

  6. You can delete a blog from Dashboard >> Tools

    But once a blog is deleted the domain name is gone forever and can never be used -

    Most of us advise if you have a blog you don't want to use - to set it to Private ( Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose ) - then use it for practice and learning how things work - there is no requirement to use a blog - and if you ever want a second blog it will be waiting for you

  7. Let me try ur "Set it to Private" option! Thanks a ton!!!!

  8. You be welcome & good luck

  9. Hi sufiyanasoul,

    I can delete one of those sites for you if you'd like, but as auxclass said, it can never be re-used again if I delete it. If you'd like for me to do so, let me know and tell me which one you want to delete. Otherwise, auxclass' suggestion of setting to Private is a good one, and you can also "hide" it from your drop-down list by going to your Dashboard, then to the "My Blogs" page, as explained here:

    My Blogs

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