Why are there 7 paragraph tags before my post and why can't I delete them?

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    I see them in source info but I can’t edit them in the text editor.

    The blog I need help with is thecookbooktestkitchen.wordpress.com.


    I have a similar issue and I posted about it, but there was never any reason given why this happens. My issue shows a big blank chunk at the bottom and I only have 3 paragraph tags at the top.

    Unlike you I am able to delete the extra code and it would “stick”. I just have to remember to do this before I publish.

    If you are curious about the replies I received… (I also have screen shots of what my trouble is)

    Though the thread has not been replied to recently, I am still curious why the extra code began showing up like it did. Maybe it’s theme related?? But you have a different theme than I do. I use Adventure Journal.



    Yeah, I can’t see the extra code at all in the text editor only when I view the page source. Really frustrating.


    Timethief stated on my thread…

    It’s also possible that the “blank” area is where the advertising that we cannot see when we are logged in goes.

    I logged out and viewed your post and the blank space was still there. No ad, but I have an adblocker and when I viewed Blockable items , it wasn’t blocking any ads from your page, but it was blocking a beacon from Scorecardresearch.



    Wow yeah this really shouldn’t be this complicated. I literally want to delete seven tiny lines of HTML and I don’t have that option.



    You will need Staff help and I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.




    Looking at the revision (17 August, 2012 @ 15:47 ) you originally had 7 lines of blank space.

    I’m not sure why we didn’t see that ion text mode in the dashboard but I just copied your text and pasted it to a text editor as plain text, and paste it back to WordPress and re-saved the post. The blank paragraph tags are gone now.


    I am glad this is not closed yet so I do not have to start a new thread… I have a different theme (adventure Journal), so am not sure it is theme related though.

    This is the first time I have had the same problem as the original author of this thread and have not been able to delete the extra garbage code. It does not show on the Text/HTML tab of the edit page but it does show on the page source I opened up.

    This is the post.

    I cannot pin point when this extra garbage code started showing up, but it used to not happen at all. If I am not stepping over the line, could I ask that someone please look into why this is happening and possibly fix it? I have not changed how I write posts that I am aware of.

    I worked on the above post last week and actually waited for the code to show up like it usually does before I click on the Submit button. It never did. I was rejoicing. Today I discovered the junk code was indeed placed in there and I noticed an autosave that was not there before.

    I appreciate the autosave because it has been helpful when my browser crashed during the writing of posts, but is there a way to disable it so it will not sneak in the excess code? That is all I can figure, is it is the autosave. I could be wrong though.

    Thank you for your time.



    Hello, I have been experiencing problems at the blog http://www.GKoopAndOman.com of which I am admin. If I visit my page with scripts enabled, every web access from then on is horribly slow until I reboot. How do I work with WordPress staff to ensure that my blogs are functional?

    Thank you in advance, this has been driving me crazy for a while now, and I have finally pinpointed my network problems to the automatic scripts that this page runs.

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