Why are … (three dots) get smaller?

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    Whenever I type ‘…’ (three dots), they become smaller than ‘.’ (a single dot). If I type …. (four dots), the first three get smaller. But ‘..’ (two dots), they stay as big as one dot. All I want is that the three dots I type keep stay as big as one dots.

    The blog I need help with is temanbukukopi.wordpress.com.



    The ellipses … has a specific meaning.
    In formal writing, the most common way to use an ellipsis is to show that you’ve omitted words.
    In blogging ellipses … means click to read the full post.
    Note also that these brackets {} have s specific meaning in computer programming language and you are using them inappropriately as well.



    Yes, that’s what I want to show by typing the three dots (like when someone is talking and someone else cuts in). So is there a way to keep the dots’ size still the same as when I only type one dor/

    About {}, does that mean that you recommend me not to use it? In the EGP post, I use them ( “[ ]” and “< >”) to indicate different talkers.



    I don’t know of a way to deal with the size issue.
    I recommend that you don’t use any special characters at all. Instead I recommend using conventional punctuation and grammar.



    I use “..” (double dots) now.
    And “{{ }}” instead of “{ }”.
    Hope this won’t conflict with programming language. :)
    Thank you timethief.

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