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Why are vertically oriented Flickr photos suddenly so small?

  1. I have been using Flickr photos on my blog for a year, and I post very regularly. Today, out of the blue, I noticed that vertically oriented photos post MUCH much smaller than horizontally oriented photos, even though all of the photos are the same size. The Flickr people say this is a WordPress issue. Unfortunately, the problem has impacted past posts of mine as well - where the photos were once all the same size but now the vertically oriented photos are much smaller! Please help! Thanks in advance!
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  2. How are you embedding your flickr photos? Are you using the flickr embed code or simply using the flicker page address and WordPress' auto-embed?

  3. Thanks justjennifer for the reply!

    I am using auto-embed. I always have. . . has the system changed?

  4. Not sure at all. The reason I asked is because in the underlying code, all the vertical images reference the smaller (320 pixels high) image.

    Since you are using the auto-embed, it seems that could have changed something in the way they call up images from flickr. I've been away from the forums for a while, so I'll go do some poking and see if I can find anything.

  5. Thanks in advance for the help! I will look a bit as well, and I'll report back if I find anything. . .

  6. Ah. I believe I may have found the reason. Have a look under your Settings>Media and then under Auto-Embed. Does it give a maximum height of 600? If so, that is the reason it's grabbing the narrower vertical image from flickr. Try changing the height to 640 and see if it doesn't correct the problem. Tried on my test blog and it worked fine.

    As you said earlier that the auto-embed on vertical images was filling up the entire width of the page, why this would have changed is still a mystery to me.

  7. Yes, this worked! Thank you so much!

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