Why are Widgest Moving to the Bottom of the page in IE6?

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    Hello all,

    I have a brand new WordPress blog. I am using the Theme: Rounded by Release. I started the blog on a browser with IE6 and the them worked fine.

    Then I went home and worked on it on Firefox. I imported all of my posts from blogger, created new widgets in the right hand navigation and everything looked awesome!

    Then I get back to the IE6 browser today and all of my widgets are beneath all of my posts to the bottom right of the screen and the photos were being but off the side of the post.

    So, I shrunk the wide photos I had added so they fit and I thought that would solve the widget issue but it hasn’t.

    Can someone please help me get the widgets back up on the right of my posts where the belong (in IE6)? Firefox was fine so I guess I’m just worrying about those looking at my blog who still have IE6. I have not tried IE7 to see if it was okay there…

    I really adore this template so I prefer NOT to have to change it to something else!



    Opps, I forgot my blog: http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com



    Love the photos! Great colour and use of perspective!

    On to the widget problem: at a quick glance, there’s something deeply wrong with your category widget; the box is extending to the right and off the page entirely. Take it out. See if that helps.



    raincoaster – thank you for the compliment! :)
    I’ll try to remove that widget or change the way it’s displayed and see of that helps!
    I’ll keep you posted.



    WOW – You’re a genius! :)
    I didn’t even notice how wide it was and now it’s working properly!
    Thanks so much…sometimes it just takes another person’s eye to see something you didn’t see.

    Day 2 with WordPress and I’m already loving it!


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