Why are words cut off ???

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    Hi I`m new to wordpress but have a problem. I would like to know why some of the words in my posts are extending outside of the column ?? any advise would be great curryfamilyadventures.wordpress.com Thanks

    The blog I need help with is curryfamilyadventures.wordpress.com.



    Fantastic…Thankyou very much…..problem now solved…..I hope.


    You’re welcome.

    Yes you have corrected most of the posts – except the Jan. 29 one, which still has extra junk code.

    Another thing you must correct is uncheck the “sticky” option from your posts. Marking a post as a Sticky is meant for ONE and only one post (a post you want permanently on top of more recent ones). If you mark every post as a Sticky, you will eventually mess up their order (as well as the number of posts per page).



    panaghiotisadam thank you for your help…I have been making
    the posts sticky to get them into the order I want them
    the order that they are in now is how I want them to appear is it okay
    to leave it like that or will it give me problems in the future ??


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    Yes, it will give you problems in future.

    I would suggest that you copy that information to a page, like an about page or how-we-started page.

    Then your readers who happen upon your site will not have to read the same story every time they come. I’ve looked at your blog several times in the past day, and to tell the truth, I’m tired of reading the first parts over and over again, and having to scroll down and down, to get to the latest news. The latest new is what readers want to see!

    Pages are made just for what your sticky posts are: the start of your journey is interesting and readers can check it out by choosing your “about” page.

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