Why are you making changes without advance warning?

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    Why are you making so many changes in appearance and the options on how we see information and tabs presented without so much as a notice that changes are coming?

    This has been completely frustrating and, quite frankly, feels very disrespectful.

    Where did my Freshly Pressed tab go?

    I’m writing out of frustration. I don’t expect to get an answer because I haven’t ever gotten any answers before.

    The blog I need help with is mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com.


    It is the way of the web, they may have told us in a blog somewhere or through a news item that we didn’t read for some reason but in fairness they are not legally obliged to tell us of changes to layout.


    Thank you. It’s not a matter of legality, it’s a matter of simple courtesy and customer service. No one is too big for simple courtesy.


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    WordPress is constantly changing and upgrading. If this platform was the same as it was when I began using it five years ago folks would be complaining that it was outdated. Keep in mind that this is a free platform! It is useful for many, many people, and while some of the new features are not pleasing, the whole system has been incredibly reliable.

    I recently started a site on wp.org and a few days later they updated the version of their software. It now looks and feels a lot like wp.com.

    I suppose it is a good/bad thing for us wp.com users: we get the newest stuff first. That involves a learning curve for users, and huge group of “guinea pigs” for specific bug detection for the developers.


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    As for freshly pressed, it’s still here:
    just a different format.
    You can find it while logged in from the drop-down menu from the wordpress “W” in the top right of your screen.


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    top left, top left, TOP LEFT!
    I got my stage right and stage left mixed up with the computer screen.
    or maybe I’m a bit dyslexic…


    Thank you. I understand about changes and upgrades. It’s simple courtesy and good customer service practice to let subscribers know changes are coming along and to let us know where we may find additional information to help us.

    Yes, I found that Freshly Pressed location. Now, instead of having “tiles” for the Freshly Pressed blogs you have selected, it comes in the same form as my reader. While I’m willing to wade through my reader for blogs I have elected to subscribe to, not so much for Freshly Pressed.

    Oh, well, so much for that.

    Thank you for your comments.


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    Well, at the moment, if you really want the tiled version of freshly pressed, I still can see it when I’m checking modlooks on suspended blogs (I’m not staff, BTW), and if you do the same, you will see it too:
    tag for suspended blogs:
    then click on one of the closed threads.
    you’ll see the title showing that such and such a blog has been suspended and below it is the old tiled version of freshly pressed.
    Of course it’s not as simple as subscribing to freshly pressed, but the format makes it much easier to see an overview of what’s on offer.



    WordPress.com always introduces changes this way. Sometimes they retroactively make blog posts about the changes, but not usually. If you wish to give feedback to staff, email it to support at wordpress dot com, because as you can see, the forums are mostly volunteers, not staff.


    Thank you Tess and Raincoaster. I appreciate your responses and efforts to help.

    Raincoaster, feedback to staff is exactly what I wish to do and I thank you for the e-mail contact info which, incidentally, I did not find anywhere.

    Many thanks! M



    Sans serif typeface for the WordPress logo?! How very unliterary.

    The new format of Freshly Pressed is very unwieldy. It was nice to just be able to glance at the whole page of previews to see what was interesting. There’s no way I’m going to spend any time scrolling down a long list of Freshly Pressed blurbs. I suspect other people feel the same way, and it will reduce the ability of Freshly Pressed to drive traffic to certain blogs (and therefore reduce ad revenue).


    I’m with you about the new Freshly Pressed format. I’m not willing to invest the kind of time it will now require to glance through those posts. Without the ready accessibility and traffic to those posts, the value of the recognition of being Freshly Pressed becomes moot.

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