Why are your changes so nonsensical?

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    Your changes aren’t making sense to me: in order to get to the “long form” of a new post, I have to go inside my blog now (either to the dashboard or to my posts). Otherwise, I get the short form for a new post.

    In addition, you have a “Freshly Pressed” button at the top of our new and greatly unimproved home page that does not work, but, instead, we get to Freshly Pressed through our reader.

    The blog I need help with is thevalueofsparrows.com.



    You can click the little grid icon next to “Freshly Pressed” at the top of the page to restore the tiled layout.

    The thread bloggers have created for feedback on the changes Staff have made and are still working on to the area that Staff refer to as the “newdash” is found here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/new-format-for-readerwordpress-website?replies=221



    Why don’t staff have the sense to make sure changes work properly before they implement them! It’s complete madness!

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