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Why are YouTube videos replaced by others?

  1. janolofbengtsson

    Thanks for your imput. What you say does not contradict what I and others have said above, however. The issue has not been resolved, except in the sense that I immediately restored the original videos.

  2. I did check one post on your blog with the video in it, and I couldn't find any evidence of the video being changed. If any code had been changed in the post itself, it would've shown in the post revisions and there wasn't anything like that. Without a link to an example, without a screenshot, without seeing the problem in action – we can't rule out a temporary problem on the YouTube side, a glitch, or anything else – so we need to have a live example to check into to go any further.

    If you or anyone else does see the problem happen again, providing the post link, the expected YouTube video link, the actual YouTube video link, and a screenshot would be helpful especially if you need to update the post right away which is understandable.

  3. janolofbengtsson

    You're right, and you confirm what I said: no trace of the problem can be seen in the post revisions. Clearly, no codes have been changed in the posts themselves. This far, the problem certainly seems to have been temporary. That it is partly on the YouTube side is obvious, since the posted videos were replaced by other videos from YouTube. What I wonder is primarily how it is possible that YouTube could affect WP, or, more precisely, YouTube videos posted on WP, in this way: without the link or any codes or anything else being changed on WP, another video is displayed.

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