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Why are YouTube videos replaced by others?

  1. janolofbengtsson

    Today I discovered that many of the YouTube videos in my blog posts had been replaced by the one most recently added to my YouTube favorites list. How is this POSSIBLE? How can WP and YouTube be related in this way, beyond the control of the WP blogger (and YouTube user)?
    Blog url:

  2. 1.Go here > Users > All Users and delete any user that does not belong there.

    2. Disable post by email >

    3.Disable post by voice

    4. Change your blog password to a very difficult one >

    5. Go to your email program and change the password to a very difficult one

  3. 6. More security tips here >

  4. janolofbengtsson

    Thanks for your reply. And apologies: The short question in the form of which my subject was entered was too short and therefore unclear. I didn't mean to say that others (other persons) replace YouTube videos, but that YouTube videos are replaced by other YouTube videos. No one else is using my WP blog.

  5. I'm sorry but we have no control over what happens at the youtube end of things.

  6. janolofbengtsson

    I'm not talking about what happens at the YouTube end of things. What happened happend at the WP end. In several of my WP blog posts, one YouTube video was replaced by another YouTube video. Nothing at all happend to my YouTube account.

  7. Then pleaseundertake the 5 steps I posted above knowing that Staff do not change any youtube videos in anyone's blog.

  8. Did you check that the video's still exist on Youtube? Did you check it was the correct video after embedding it on WP? I always play the video after posting it, just to be sure. Sometimes people on Youtube replace one video with another (copyright take down), so i would check on it. If you are adding the videos URL's from your own Youtube account then it's possible that the next video in line would show if one is removed, depending on your settings. Other than that i'd say you have a naughty little elf playing tricks on you!

  9. janolofbengtsson

    1. There has never been any other user there.

    2-3. Post by email and voice have never been enabled.

    4-5. My blog and email passwords are very difficult ones. (I'm not sure how you think my email might be related to this.)

    I certainly don't think staff changed the videos, nor do I think my blog has been hacked. It seems to me this is an impersonal technical error having to do with something in the impersonal connection between WP and YouTube. That is why I asked "How is this POSSIBLE? How can WP and YouTube be related in this way...?"

  10. Did you check what i wrote above?

  11. janolofbengtsson


    Thanks. I am trying to reply to your kind advice as quickly as I can.

    I didn't check it, but I have been thinking about this. When videos I have posted have been removed from YouTube, the video image in the post has always disappeared without being replaced by any other video, and when the black imageless space is clicked to play, a message that the video is no longer available on YouTube has appeared.

    What has now appeared instead (if the videos I linked to have been removed) is, as I said, the video most recently added to my YouTube favourites list. This cannot be said to be the "next video in line" in relation to the first one.

    I have not changed any settings anywhere.

  12. Well i'm baffled now to be honest. I have never heard of this happening before. Maybe the lovely timethief will tag this thread for you, so staff can take a look and see if there's any bug.

  13. I already flagged this thread for Staff attention previously.

  14. timethief, one step ahead of me as always. Good luck janolofbengtsson, sorry i couldn't help.

  15. janolofbengtsson

    Thanks to both of you! This tagging and flagging is new to me. How does that work? Can I do it? In the past, the kind WP staff (the "happiness engineers" as I think they used to call themselves) has always responded directly and in most cases even immediately to my questions. Don't they any longer?

  16. The staff don't usually work on weekends, except if one happens to be around. So we (volunteers) mark anything that needs their attention - for when one is on next - with 'modlook' in the tags here. This sticky post explains that:

  17. janolofbengtsson

    I see. (I may look at "modlook" later and learn how to use it; I'm not yet familiar with tagging.) Thanks!

  18. Timethief has already Modlooked this topic for you so there's no need for you to do anything. And you should only use it if volunteers can't help you or if you are certain you want staff to see your query. (Often it isn't necessary even though a lot of people think it is.

    The tagging I'm talking about is here in these forums. If you come to this or any other topic that you have started, look to the left of the window, you'll see 'Tags'. Below that is a field in which you can post keywords that will tag the topic so that should anyone want to use tags to find a similar problem to their own, they can do so easily. You can put the 'Modlook' tag there as instructed in the link I gave.

    You can also add tags there that relate to your problem. It's best to use simple ones that other people are likely to look for. For instance, you (or anyone else) could put the tag youtube

    By the way, I had a look at your blog and it seems to me that the youtube videos on your blog match the titles of your posts - so I'm wondering if this might be a browser issue or something to do with Adobe Flash.

    Try this (it might work, and it might not): Click one of the 'wrong' youtube videos. While it's playing, right click on it and look at the Adobe Flash settings menu that comes up, click 'Settings' then, if the Hardware Acceleration box is checked, uncheck it and save your choice.

    If that doesn't change anything, check your browser - is it up to date? If you're using Firefox or similar that uses add ons, disable them all and see if that makes a difference. If it does, you'll know it's one (or more) of the add ons and you can re-enable them one at a time to see which one is causing it.

    I've had a lot of problems in the past myself with Youtube. It's worth going through all the possible problems with your own computer and browser first, to at least rule those out.

  19. Sorry, look to the right of the window for the tag box! (I'm a bit dyslexic!)

  20. It would help to have a very specific example to review. Can you please post back with the following:

    1. Link to where we can see the problem in action on your blog
    2. Link to the YouTube video you expect to see
    3. Link to the YouTube video you are actually seeing

  21. janolofbengtsson


    Yes, I saw that timethief had modlooked this. I was thinking I should learn about it in order to be able to do it myself if there is another problem in the future. You have now given further help with that - thanks again.

    The reason the videos you see match the titles is that I restored the original videos. In some cases I used other YouTube uploads of the same thing, but in others - I have now checked this - with precisely the same as in my original posting. This means that the change of videos had nothing to do with their being removed from YouTube.

    I also see that videos that have been removed from YouTube have not been replaced: the imageless black and the message still appear as usual.

  22. janolofbengtsson


    Thanks for your reply. I realize I should have left a post where the problem could be seen in action. It is now too late for that, since I felt I had to restore immediately - it looked truly absurd, and I knew my readers would immediately see it - the posts' original videos or other YouTube uploads of the same thing (in many cases there are several to choose from, and in restoring, I first didn't check if I used precisely the same; in some cases, I can't even do that at all, since I don't remember which version I used the first time). I suppose I will have to come back to you if this happens again: I will then immediately post here 1, 2 & 3. Thanks again.

  23. janolofbengtsson


    Corrigendum: For "with precisely the same", read "precisely the same".

  24. janolofbengtsson

    I see that three others have had the same problem. Perhaps it can be solved with their help?

  25. @janolofbengtsson
    I flagged both thread for Staff attention.

  26. I realize I should have left a post where the problem could be seen in action. It is now too late for that, since I felt I had to restore immediately.

    Restoring them totally makes sense. It does still help to have a link to an example post though. One thing we could do is try looking at the post revisions. I did look through your blog and found this as a possible example:

    The post revisions look normal to me though, so it was a good thing to check but appears we need more info.

    I will have to come back to you if this happens again: I will then immediately post here 1, 2 & 3. Thanks again.

    Yes, please post more details if you find anything. There's not enough info to go on in this thread by itself and without an example.

    I see that three others have had the same problem. Perhaps it can be solved with their help?

    Yes, need more details!

  27. janolofbengtsson



  28. @janolofbengtsson
    You're welcome.

  29. janolofbengtsson


    Thanks again.

    Here's an example post:

    The one you suggest is not an example.

    I can see no trace of the problem in the post revisions of any example post. All that I have this far been able to see there is the original postings, and then the updates through which I restored the original videos.

    The latter were first replaced by this one, when it was my latest YouTube favourite:

    In turn, that video was replaced by this one, when I added it to the favourites:

  30. The video that I see embedded in that post right now is titled "Eurovision 1979," which is the same video as you have set to be embedded there per the very first revision.

    Has the issue been resolved?

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