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Why Aren't All Of My Comments Highlighted?

  1. I'm using a Sandbox theme that highlights my comments. However, I've noticed that only my most recent comments are being highlighted. Any idea why?

    My blog is


  2. Also, I have two more questions. Bear with me... this is my first time using Sandbox.

    1. How do I get my blog to center in FF? It displays perfectly in IE only.

    2. How do I add an avatar beside the user's name in the comments section?

  3. I can see all your comments highlighted in FF That's if you are Brian of course! ;)

    I very much like that theme, nice and simple.

  4. Carocat,

    My newest ones are, but not my older ones. I've even checked the url and email address in my older comments and they match my new ones.

    Glad you like the theme. I'm still in the debugging phase. ;)

  5. @inrepair
    Were you logged in when you made the previous comments that are not highlighted?

    If you weren't that may be the problem. If you wanted them highlighted you could delete them and then put them back in while logged in and backdate the timestamp.

  6. Can you give any specific examples? i think I've looked at about 10+ posts and they all appeared?

  7. /nod to carocat
    So have I.

  8. Hi, guys,

    I'm normally always logged-in to WordPress before I submit any comments. Here is a post that has several of my older comments that aren't highlighted.

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Re: my other questions -

    I finally figured out how to get the page centered in FF and IE.

    No luck with the avatars, but I'm still working on it.

    I now have another bug. In the meta info that displays at the bottom of each post, there is a tag icon followed by a list of associated tags. If there are enough tags to make the line wrap, the icon will not display in IE. It works correctly in FF. Argh!

  10. That's odd. Is there anythign different about that comment compared to others? Different email address maybe? Or domain mapping?

    Oh and you've been in a lot of States! :)

  11. There's nothing different as far as I can tell. I've checked the url and email address and they are the same as the ones on my recent comments. I dunno.

    Yep, I've been to quite a few! There's a few more I really want to visit.

  12. nrepair: were your older comments imported from a different blog? The importer can't tell the difference between logged in and regular comments.

  13. @ tellyworth: I did import my current blog in January of this year, which was well before many of the comments that aren't highlighted were ever made.

    Is there a way to highlight comments with css based on the url or email address that is entered? That might be a workaround.

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