Why aren't any stats showing up on my blog for today?

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    There are no stats on my dashboard. Not a single one today. Very unusual. Can someone advise. I’ve not done anything new or different on my blog. Help!

    The blog I need help with is paulacappa.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,
    Stats are not real time and do take so time to “catch up” and display. If you are still concerned about them not updating tomorrow please post again.



    No, this isn’t a catch up issue. Something is wrong here. I can’t get to my Dashboard. No access in sight at all. The entire screen is different today. No stats for Jan 8 and I know my blog was visited. Only stats for Jan. 9 are showing. I’m really upset that I can’t find my Dashboard with this new format that’s been installed. I need REAL HELP IMMEDIATELY! Where are my stats for Jan. 8? Where is my dashboard?



    I posted, please reply ASAP. Can’t find dashboard access. No stats for Jan. 8 but stats for Jan. 9. Something is wrong and needs fixing. Please reply.


    Should be in the same place it always has been:


    Don’t you have it bookmarked?


    Also, upper right corner of this page, hover over your ID/Icon, follow the dropdown menu to your site name, hover over it, follow dropdown menu for options.

    As for the stats information, that may be a browser related issue specific to you. If it were a site issue, the board would be flooded with posts from multiple users.



    See below: This is what my screen looks like. No Dashboard in that third line. When I hover over my ID, still no dashboard. Only Settings. What happened? I did nothing new. I changed nothing. I don’t get this. How can I fix this? Is there some kind of reset button to restore? Why are there no stats for Jan. 8th?

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    Update, I now see “BLOG ADMIN” in the headings, which was not there earlier. I guess something reloaded because this was not there before as you can see in the “Check Stats” line in previous post. But I still have no stats for Jan 8, Tuesday. I know my blog was visited so why no posts showing? Does that need to be reloaded as well? Can a tech person check this to reload the stats for Jan. 8? Please advise. THanks!

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