Why aren't comments on my Aside posts not showing on the site?

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    Comments on “Aside” posts are not showing on the site. I see them on the dashboard but people visiting can’t see them.

    The blog I need help with is dailyshorty.com.



    I took a look and everything is working properly. For example: http://dailyshorty.com/2012/12/01/7-months/

    Can you please try clearing out your cache?



    Oh my. This is really frustrating. I just started ANOTHER string b/c I couldn’t find a way to comment on this page, here, when I hit the big blue REPLY button in the e-mail you sent me. I’d come to the page but this box that I’m typing in right now wouldn’t come up. And it would say that only the questioner and support person could comment. I thought the problem was that I wasn’t logged in so I logged in and I got a message saying I have no access to the Dashboard of this site which of course I didn’t want…. I tried multiple times. Nothing. So I started that other string. Then after sending that one, I tried once more and… here I am. I’m sorry about starting that other string and hope whoever sees it figures out quickly that I was finally able to comment here. (And I’m still totally confused as to why I couldn’t all the other times I tried.)

    Anyway, back to the problem in THIS string. I can only see comments on that Aside post when I hit the link you provided. I can’t see it when I go to my site’s homepage any other way. And now 4 others have reported to me that they can’t see the comments either, when they go to my site. And I should clarify that it’s not just the comments we’re not seeing–we’re actually also not seeing the SPACE for the comments, the lined off bit at the bottom that says “Leave a comment” on the Standard posts. So there’s another aside on the site for Dec 4, before the one you linked to, that has no comments (there are none in the Dashboard, where I can see the 6 comments on the linked Aside post). On that one there is no space at the bottom, either, saying “Leave a comment.” So it’s not just that comments aren’t making it to the public page, the entire comment part of each Aside post has been cut off.

    Now why would you be able to see this–and when I hit your link I can see it–but no one else can see it??

    Oh, and yes, I cleaned out my cache and cookies per the instructions at the link you left in the e-mail. Then I restarted my machine and nothing changed. And I queried my friends AFTER I did that.

    Thanks for your help. Ergh.



    Hi there,

    I’m not sure what would cause you to not be able to post, but I’m glad you re-gained the ability!

    The functionality you’re seeing below is part of the theme. Aside posts are just that – a brief aside; they are not meant to appear just as a Standard post would, so on your timeline, the comments are only available by clicking through to the post page. You can get around this by ensuring that all your posts you would like to see comments for on the homepage (timeline) are in Standard format, rather than Aside (you can “save” Aside format for those posts where you don’t expect many comments, perhaps).

    I hope that helps you!



    Hi, thanks so much. Someone else contacted me through the other string and explained. My confusion was about the fact that I didn’t realize a post would look different in the list on the home page from how it would look if clicked. I didn’t even understand how people were leaving comments, given that there was no “Leave a comment” at the bottom of the Aside post (when viewed on the homepage list). And apparently I have to be logged into my own WebPress blog before I can hit that “Reply” button in your e-mail and get to a box here, on this page, to add to this string. I can’t log in AFTER. I just tested that and it appears to be the case. So, as usual, user error all around! Thanks again! All best, Claire



    Claire – we all have “user error” moments. I have them several times a day! ;)

    Let us know about any future problems, and happy blogging in the interim!

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