Why aren't emails sent when a prescheduled post, posts?

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    The cantbedone.wordpress.com blog is used to test the things I want to try on the prbrisson.wordpress.com blog.

    I want to be able to schedule posts as I will be in different time zone all summer. In tests the blog publishes but email notifications are not sent until the next time I log in.

    This is inconvenient. Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of safeguard?

    Blog url: http://cantbedone.wordpress.com/



    Events like email notification or scheduled publishing needs a trigger to be executed. In other words, if you schedule a post for 6am tomorrow, it won’t be published exactly at 6am, it will be published when your blog receives its first visit after 6am.

    With a regular blog, this is not an issue, but with a test blog, that probably only you visit, this behavior can lead to the situation you described, where you need to visit your blog to trigger the next event.

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