why aren't my images displaying?

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    I don’t know if you already got this because my screen froze. My images aren’t displaying on my site. fifthelementwellness.com. I got them from creative commons. Could they perhaps be too large.

    The second thing is please help me making my site look like the Oxygen Demo, whith a large feature on the homepage and my most recent blogs with all the images properly displayed below it. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is fifthelementwellness.com.



    Hi there,

    I responded to your question in your other thread at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-arent-my-photos-being-displayed?replies=2. I see the images are now displaying on your site; I’m glad to know this is working for you now.



    Hello again.
    Thanks yes my images are being displayed but Im still not able to get a featured image up on the homepage.

    Heres what I am trying to do:

    when someone first arrives at the page I’d like a static featured image, some text to the right ideally if its possible with this template, then the blog posts below it. I gather that the photos from the blogs are minimized to be in the carousel below the featured image is that correct?
    I have set /the fifth element page to the static page and now it can’t be pulled up, what appears instead are the blogs. I have set the blog posts to the blog page and that has been successful. So presently i have three pages on my sight of blogs but none explaining what my brand is. Also is there any way to organize the order that these pages appear in the menu?
    To be more specific, if you can go to my site: fifthelementwellness.com, the landing page that Id like people to see first is /the fifth element. The text below it to the right, and then the blog posts listed below this featured image. Is this possible?



    Hi there,

    To get the featured image at the top of your page, you need to enable the Showcase Page template. To use the template, create or edit a page, and assign it to the Showcase Page template from the Page Attributes module. To make the Showcase Page template your front page, go to Settings → Reading and set the Front page option to Static Page. Select the page you just assigned the Showcase Page template to as your front page. Then you need to set the post with your front page image to be ‘sticky’ and the image to be ‘featured’. Instructions for setting those can be found at:


    The way this theme is designed, enabling the featured image will push your right-hand column down so you won’t be able to put your text to the right of this image. You can either put your text in the left-hand column next to the image, or you can put it in the right-hand column where it will appear immediately below the feature image.

    You can customize the order of your blog’s menu from your dashboard’s Appearance -> Menus option.


    Does that answer all your questions?


    Hi after making the page my showcase page and I then tried the post visibility. under publish, with public bulleted, there is no option underneath the public bullet that says “stick this post to the front page.” It just isnt there. Why is this do you think?



    If you click the ‘edit’ link next to Visiblity: Public on any post you should see the checkbox to stick the post to the front page.


    I clicked edit link next to Visibility: Public next to the Showcase page and the ckeckbox to stick the post to the front page is not there. Does this only work for blog posts and not whole pages?
    Ok let me try to be less confused here: The page that I chose to be my homepage or showcase page still isnt showing up as my home/showcase page, or at all when I hit the original page link to it. There really is not option to stick the page to my homepage. Arg.
    Is there a number I can call you guys on, please?



    Hi there,

    At present we don’t provide phone support, but I’m sure we can get you set up this way.

    It looks like you’ve changed your theme, so perhaps you no longer need this setup help. However, you had the right idea when you asked “does this only work for blog posts and not whole pages”. The way the sticky post works for that template is you set up the Showcase page with the Showcase Page Template, you make that page your homepage, then you create a post with your featured image that you stick to that page.

    If you want to try again I can go in and set up a demo of the post and page so you have the right setup in your blog. Then you can just edit them to use the image/text that you want. Would that help?


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