Why aren't my photos showing up in my blog?

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    I’ve added the same photo 5 times to my most recent blog posts. The photo simply never shows up when I publish it, nor does it show up in the “Preview Changes” view. I’ve been blogging here for years and have never had this problem. What is going on and how do I fix it? I can see the photos in my Media Library and I’ve tried uploading them from my computer and from the Media Library. No matter how I “insert media” into my post, it doesn’t show up. Can you help me please? Thanks.
    Blog url: http://voiceothepeople.wordpress.com/



    Also, the photos show up in my americaletstalk.wordpress.com blog, so it’s clear I know how to insert them into a post. They simply aren’t showing up in my newest blog. Thanks for your help.


    I’m really sorry this is happening. What browser are you using? Can you try a different browser to see if the issue still happens?

    I was able to successfully create a draft post containing an image from your media library – I saved it as “Test post from WordPress.com Support”. Could you preview that post and let me know if you see the image?


    I looked at your media library for voiceothepeople.wordpress.com and I see two images listed there and one is a duplicate. Is it working if you view that photo from the media library directly?

    I see that you have two posts, but I don’t see an image in either one right now. Could you try adding the image to one of the posts or pages in your blog so I can take a look to see if it’s working when I view it?

    If you can see a broken image and you can right click on it and get the image URL, that would also help.



    Matt: I can’t see your draft post. I see no link to it so I can’t look at it.

    Designsimply: I’ve already put the image in both of my posts. When I “edit” those posts, it’s showing me that the photo is there, but I, like you, do not see the photo when I save the edited post and then view it. THAT, my friend, is my problem. What I’ll do is add the photo several times in those posts. THEN we can see if either of us can see them.



    Matt: I see your post now. When I click on it, I see the photo. I’m using IE8 and don’t have any other browsers installed here at work, nor will they allow me to upload/install any other browsers here. I’ve got the same problem at home, however. Can’t see my photos.



    It seems to be working now. Thanks, guys.



    So I tried uploading a smaller version of that same photo into the other post, and while it showed up in the “Preview Changes”, it isn’t showing up online. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s totally distracted me from my writing and I’m unhappy about that. I’m just going to forget about the problem right now while I continue to write (this was intended to be a daily blog) and if I continue to have problems I’ll just move it elsewhere. I love having all my blogs in the same place, so I’ll just hope it figures itself out somehow. Thanks for your input and effort.



    Can you tell me the title of the post that should be displaying the image?



    It’s working now. Thanks. It just took 2 or 3 days for the photo to start showing up for some reason. Whatever y’all did, thanks. If you did nothing, then praise God for fixing it for me. :-D


    It could have been a bug! Or it could have been a local glitch. Let us know if you see any similar troubles in the future, and try to include a specific example or steps for us to use to try to reproduce the problem and that will make the help go faster.

    Best of luck with your writing! Cheers.

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