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why aren't my videopress videos playing from all computers?

  1. traynesworldreview

    My videopress videos (all of them) are not playing on my imac. ?? Why?
    Blog url:

  2. Which videos are you unable to play? What browser and browser version are you using?

    I was able to play both VideoPress videos from your latest blog post.

  3. traynesworldreview

    I was able to play them at home on my macbook pro and also on my phone, but at work on my imac on the latest firefox there's nothing!

  4. Are you receiving any errors in Firefox? Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?

  5. traynesworldreview

    No errors...I cleared out cache already but tried again just now and still no dice. It gives me a black box with a play button, and the titles are doubled and overlap with each other. What the...?

  6. Could you please let us know what browser and browser version are you using? or make sure you are running the latest Firefox version . Do you also encounter this issue in other browser? for example Google Chrome.

  7. traynesworldreview

    It's firefox 5.0, and yes, I experience it on all browsers on this computer. I am, however, too computer illiterate to know exactly what that means...obviously that it's something on this computer rather than the browser, but any ideas on where to look to fix the problem?

    thanks for your help.

  8. It sounds like there just be an issue with the work computer, as some offices prevent their workers from viewing media files like this.

    Do you have any other browsers on that computer to test from, like Chrome?

  9. traynesworldreview

    Yeah, I've tried from many browsers. I wasn't concerned really but now a friend has told me he can't view them either. I swapped a few out using youtube and THOSE WORK FINE, for both of us! We are both using firefox, the latest version. I'm going to try swapping out a video using vzaar and if that works I will assume the problem is within videopress.

  10. You may want to contact your IT department or ISP for more information about this. If you're only having this issue with computers in your office, it's likely a local issue.

  11. traynesworldreview

    that's what I thought until I heard from others that it was a problem for them too. So...that's not okay. I think I'll stop using videopress, swap out all my videos before it gets out of control, and try to get my money refunded instead, since that actually solves the problem across the board.

  12. Sorry to hear you're not happy with VideoPress! We'd be happy to help anyway we can. Can you give me some more information about the other users who were having issues with this?

  13. traynesworldreview

    everyone I've talked to is using the latest firefox, some in a work environment and some in a residence. I've asked them to clear cache and try other browsers, and these steps don't work. (Here either). There are places where is DOES work, but to not have it work everywhere is just not good.

  14. It's hard for us to pin-point the problem because so far we've all been able to play your videos correctly. I'll ask some more people to try this and I'll get back to you once we know more.

    To augment our own testing, there's some more information we could use about the cases where the videos don't play.

    When users aren't able to play the video, what specifically are they seeing? Are there certain symptoms that repeat for all users, or is everyone having different issues?

    Are different users connected with different ISPs, or has everyone who reported this been connecting to the same ISP?

    Are all the users reporting issues in the same geographical location?

  15. traynesworldreview

    is there a place I can upload a screenshot? Everyone has reported the same issues, a black box with a kind of overlap'ed text.

    Different ISP's. Same general location if you consider all of NYC one location.

  16. A screenshot would be great - you can upload it to your blog and send us a link.

  17. traynesworldreview

  18. That is rather odd. Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce the problem.

    Does it look like that in Chrome and Safari too?

  19. traynesworldreview

    yes, with slight variations: like safari has the videopress at the lower right and the overlapping occurs on the upper left. But essentially exactly the same.

  20. Hm, are all of these computers operating under the same network?

    My only guess at this point is that a firewall or security software is preventing you from actually reaching the content.

  21. traynesworldreview

    yeah, I would think the same if they were, but....they aren't. These are coming from completely different systems and some are from home computers without any firewall at all! I think I'll just swap out videopress, seems like the simplest solution and it works all around with other options.

  22. Ok, I'm sorry we weren't able to find the problem. :(

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