Why aren't some of my images displaying?

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    I have recently been viewing my blog from to front end (readers view) and have realized that a huge number of my pictures are not displaying. I know that all of the images were displaying correctly at the time I created each post because I checked. Why are they all of a sudden not displaying? How can I solve this problem without having to go through and re-upload all of the images that aren’t working?

    The blog I need help with is beautifularmy.com.


    Post a link or two to images you’re having problems with, or at least tell us what page(s) they’re on.



    Yes please do post links to examples so we can examine them. Are these missing images found in your Media Library ie. did you upload them from your computer onto WordPress.com servers? Or are they hosted on another site?



    After some more trouble shooting I think it might be the computer I am viewing my blog on. I just used a different computer to view my blog and all of the images seemed to display just fine… To answer your questions, yes, the images are found in my media library. They were uploaded to wordpress serves from my computer.

    I think the viewing problem is with the computer and not my blog. Thank you for the help!



    The problem is the number and the size of the images on your front page. Your last post alone has 38 images, and all of them are huge files straight out of your digital camera (the ones I checked are 350dpi, 4.2MB each): if you have a slow connection, the browser may time out before loading all the images.
    You should:
    a) Upload and insert images after you downsize them to 72dpi (that’s what browsers display) and to 580px wide (that’s the maximum the theme you’re using can display); anything above this means an unnecessary increase of loading time and a waste of storage space.
    b) Decrease the number of posts per page in Settings > Reading, and/or use the more tag to truncate the posts:




    Thank you for the suggestions, I never thought of those issues. I thought we were downsizing the photos enough but I guess not. I will decrease the # of posts per page as you suggest and, in the future, will decrease the size & resolution of my photos. Thanks for the help!


    ^^^ If you have 30+ images ranging up to and over 4Mb, you need to delete those images, re-size and compress them, then upload them again.



    You’re welcome.
    And notawoodpecker is right: don’t limit this to your future posts, start correcting your already published ones as well.
    Note that if you upload images that don’t exceed the width of the theme, you also get better quality on the post; see here:

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