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Why Arsenal?

  1. Why is it that 8 times out of 10 that I go to the WP front page there is a posting about Arsenal football club? Please don't misunderstand me, I have nothing against Arsenal. I am simply curious as to how a blog site that seems predominantly American, counts it's postings in hundreds of thousands a day and covers every topic under the sun can devote so much editorial space to a London football club.

  2. They are more active blogs? I see a lot of Malaysian politics as well. WordPress is pretty widely distributed, both in terms of users and in terms of staff, even though they're incorporated in the US (at least I THINK they are).

  3. Never really noticed that before about Arsenal. I'm just glad not to have sighted the cheezburgr for a while.

  4. The Arsenal blog (Young Guns I believe) is very popular, as are many other other "niche" and international blogs.

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