why can I not access my blog?

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    I have tried to access my blog 12 times, and wordpress.com does not recognize my email and/or user name. I am currently doing an art project related to helping a not for profit community organization, and those were my last posts. Has my site been hacked/hijacked and how can I get it back.
    the url is http://www.shelleyelk.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is naturesmatters.wordpress.com.


    The blog I need help with is http://www.shelleyelk.wordpress.com – I had to set up a new blog in the meantime to continue with the project.
    In my blog I mentioned that people related to or in the not for profit community organization are welcome to share links [cut and paste links relating to the project] but to make sure to credit all sources – as far as I am aware this is not an infringement of copyright, but if I need to adjust the wording I am happy to do this.
    Other than that, it seems as if I have no access to the blog and would urgently like help with sorting this out, and regaining access to my blog.

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