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Why can I see any of the avatars here?

  1. When the page loads I may see them flash briefly, but then the space where the avatar is SUPPOSED to be goes blank. Is this still a universal problem or just with me.?

    BTW I have my pop-up blocker turned OFF for WordPress so that is not the problem.

    Thank You

  2. It is not a global issue. Have you tried in a different browser? What browser are you using?


  3. Trent I tried to open this page IE and the avatars showed up. Therefore it must be something in Firefox.
    If anyone out there is reading this and uses Firefox browser could you suggest some troubleshooting changes I could try in my options set up please.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS I said univeral issue becasue( unlike "timetheif" accuses) I am competent enough to read up in the faq and other posts, BEFORE I post a question. And I DID see that there
    WAS a problem at one time where the avatars did not show up. That is why I mentioned it.
    I am not angry at you, but since I felt attacked here I guess I am a bit overly sensitive right now and needed to get that off my chest.

    Thanks for you help

  4. I'm using firefox and I can see all avatars clearly including yours. FWIW trent is not posting on this forum presently. He may be this evening or he may not.

  5. Why do you make statements if you do not bother to give me an answer to my question.
    You attack me for double posting, but I had reason. And yet you make post such as these that are "pointless and time consuming" (as I was accoude of) as well but no one attacks you.

    So you are using Firefox. Did you post just to let me know that? I specifically asked for troubleshoot suggestions - this was not a poll on who uses firefox.

  6. (1) I did not attack you.
    (2) I did not say "pointless and time consuming" in any post I made between us. Perhaps you have me confused with another volunteer (for example: raincoaster), who also asked you to post only to one thread on any given topic previous to me asking the same thing.

    What i said is here

    (3) I am using firefox and I just used IE6 and IE 7. This is relevant given your question because I can see the avatars that you cannot see. It's not "universal".

    Hhmmm .. i wonder if the problem could be the version of firefox that you are using but you didn't post that so ...

  7. I would suggest logging out of your dashboard, clearing your cache and your cookies, closing and then reopening your browser and then logging back in and see what happens. I would also suggest checking to see if there are any updates for your browser.

    I just looked at this forum, logged in and logged out, with Safari, FireFox (the latest as far as I know), and since I have my PC running today, I looked in IE6 and IE7, and the avatars show up in all of them, so the problem would seem to be with your particular browser.

  8. @thesacredpath
    We concur. This is not "universal" at all. It would seem that the browser problem is at her end. The how to's for doing the "cookie dance" are here

  9. I will try what you suggest sacred path. Timethief please leave me alone. You just make comments and contribute nothing of value. You have given me no solutions.

  10. trent Moderator September 6th, 2007 at 3:10 am
    It is not a global issue. Have you tried in a different browser? What browser are you using?

    This is an old thread and a new update has been made to firefox. The version is now and with it I can see avatars. I can also see them using IE6 and IE7. Please post the name of the browser you are using and the version number like Trent requested on September 6th so someone can help you.

  11. sondan, the same goes for you on being polite. I would try timethief's suggestion and upgrade firefox. As well, do you have the settings for your browser to automatically reload images or does it just cache them? Make sure you also clear your cache and try again. If you have any troubles getting it going, please report back here and let us know so we can see if there is something else that might help!


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