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Why can I still see my blog even after I deleted it?

  1. I deleted my blog a few days ago, but when I go to the old blog URL I can still see half of the content I had on my old blog. However I can't change anything there anymore. What should I do when I want the blog to completely disappear?

  2. What is the URL?

  3. You're right, I see that blog. Is there only one User?

  4. yes I am the only user for this blog. I deleted it somedays ago, but now it's there, but I cannot do any changes on it anymore.

  5. I'll flag this for staff attention. They can sort it out.

  6. oh thank you very much :)

  7. Hi there,

    I see that the blog deletion was activated, but not completed. Did you get the email to confirm? Would you like this blog completely removed, or do you want it emptied (so you can use new content there)? Either is possible :)

  8. Yes, I got the email to confirm it. I would like this blog completely removed because I have started a new one. :)

  9. Ok, you're all set!


  10. hey, thank you but sadly i can still see the blog.. now I've just got my new blog deleted ;S

  11. Ok... one more time.

    See if you can see the correct blog and not the incorrect blog?

  12. now I can't see either one of them.

  13. Sorry about that - see if you have the correct access now.

  14. Yes, thank you very much, it is correct now :) Sorry for all the trouble.

  15. It's no trouble to me! My apologies for making this more complex than it needed to be!

  16. No problem at all :) It's all good now

  17. Great :)

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