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Why can't a specific user be invited and added as a contributor?

  1. I have a private blog. I have invited 20 folks and successfully added them as contributors. There is one person who has repeatedly received the invitation to join as a contributor, accepts it, and is then sent to a page with restricted access, and I get a request to add her as a viewer. Does she have settings on her account causing this, or is there some other issue?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any ideas? This was started for a time-limited project, so I am hoping to be able to get back with the contributors soon.

  3. If she already has a account, it's often easier to invite by username than by email. Have you tried that?

  4. Yes, I have tried both and neither one seems to work. I have also deleted the existing invitations, the users if they were added initially as viewers...does not seem to matter. There is now a second person who has developed this issue.

    Does it matter if they accept the invitation by clicking on the embedded link vs the "Accept" button?


  5. Any other ideas? The first participant was finally added when she gave me another address and created a new WordPress account. She can't say what was different the second time around. My second and third participants with this problem are still trying to figure things out. Clicking the "Accept" link does not change the outcome.

    Help please! Is there any other way to get an answer?

  6. What are the username accounts of these people please?

  7. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  8. The ones I am aware of:


    May also include:

    I suspect that several of them were initially added as viewers, and then deleted, but not all of them. Most of them have ended up on a page where they were instructed to request permission to view the site.

    I have been compulsive in making sure to invite them only as contributors (because of the earlier errors in this).

    Thank you!


  9. Thanks for the additional information, Kris. Please be patient while waiting for help from Staff.

  10. Please go here > Users > All Users and tell Staff which users that do not appear there.

  11. None of those 4 listed above show up as users. If there is any way to simply add them as contributors, that would be lovely.

    I know that the first 2 have had this problem, and I suspect that the second 2 are also having a similar problem (we just haven't gotten through quite as many steps).

    landryph2013 could not be added so was added through a different account landryph2014. I am planning to add capdelphi2013 as a viewer just to allow her to begin the assignment--but she will eventually need contributor status.

  12. No you cannot add them yourself - sorry. Not to worry as Staff will help you sort this.

  13. jonathansadowski

    I see that there are pending invite confirmations here:

    The pending invite confirmations are for: alenane, capdelphi2013, and adventuretune

    landryph2013 is the only one that I do not see in the list, but I do see landryph2014.

    Is it possible that alenane, capdelphi2013, and adventuretune are logged in as a different user when clicking on the "accept" link from within the emails that they are receiving?

    I have resent the invitations for alenane, capdelphi2013, and adventuretune, and I've sent a new invitation to landryph2013. Could you please confirm that those users are receiving the invitations, and not logged in as another user when following the links that they receive?

  14. I think that this may be solving itself, but it has made me think of what may have caused the problem originally. I only have 1 participant who still has not come in as needed.

    1. capdelphi2013 was added as a viewer but needs to be a contributor. I can't figure out what to do about this.
    2. landryph2013 gave up and opened a new account (landryph2014). Added successfully as a contributor with this.
    3. alenane and adventuretune added this morning.

    I am wondering if the problem occurs when people who do not have accounts accept the invitation and are then prompted to create an account. I wonder if this then opens a generic WordPress page that does not bring them into my particular blog? Do they need to return to the invitation after creating an account in order to be added?

    I don't understand why capdelphi2013 is not being added.

  15. jonathansadowski

    I wonder if this then opens a generic WordPress page that does not bring them into my particular blog? Do they need to return to the invitation after creating an account in order to be added?

    Yes. After creating and confirming an account they need to return to the original email and accept the invitation. If capdelphi2013 didn't click the link to accept the original invitation after creating an account, he or she will not be added as a contributor on the blog.

  16. I suspect that this may be the issue. It would be very helpful to include this in instructions for adding folks in the future. Thank your help--if I still cannot add my last participant, I will see if we can find other problems.

  17. jonathansadowski

    I have made sure that capdelphi2013 was added as a contributor. If you continue to have any issues with a specific user account, please let me know and I'll add them manually.

  18. On a similar subject, I sent an invitation to "davidklaasen655" and apparently he mistakenly blocked invitations.

    He want to be a contributor and i try to resend the invitation, But I get this message "Invitation not sent, the user has blocked invite emails."

    QUESTION>>> How does one unblock invitations?


  19. Would you please ask him to leave a reply here stating that he would like us to unblock his invitations?

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