Why can't I access and change 'user' settings on a blog I am an administrator

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    I am an administrator on another person’s blog but can’t access User settings . Right now the ‘owner’ of blog is having technical issues related to the two step Google security which she has opted out of but still she can’t access her blog… She want’s me to change an email on her site under user settings but I cannot access it or don’t know how to because when I try it gives me MY user settings and not hers… I thought I should have all access as administrator status…. Her site is cindyfrench.wordpress.com Thank you for any help… Also if you know anything about this two step problem it would be a double thank you.. Diane Rawn .. my website is hometogo232.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is hometogo232.wordpress.com.



    You can’t change details of another person’s account, even if you’re an Admin. I’ll flag this for staff attention; they’ll need to sort it out.

    I’m assuming your friend has already read the related threads in the forum about 2 step authentication and the solutions including the backup code haven’t worked for her.


    She has asked WordPress and Google for help but I would not assume she has read what you are talking about… That’s the main reason I’m an admin is because she finds it difficult to sort these things out

    I have done so much researching online and asked Google for help but so far haven’t had a response. Can you give me a link to what you’re referring to so I can read it… Many thanks Diane



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