Why can't I add 1024px images to my blog anymore without changing the code?

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    When I try to add full-size (1024 px) photos to a post from my media, the shots are being downsized to 774 px. The theme I use allows for 1024-pixel-wide photos, but has recently been downsizing shots to 774 px despite showing that I’ve selected the full size option. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is warriorwriter.com.



    Hi there,

    I took a look at your most recent post, Montevideo Express (1 of 4): La Feria, and it seems to have the full 1024px images in it. Are you still having this problem?



    Yes, I’m still having the issue where I have to manually change the size from 774px to 1024px in the code view. Even when I select 1024px (full size) as the default size for a photo on the “insert media” page, after I click “insert into post” it always shows up at 774px instead. It’s very time consuming to manually change the code for every shot, every time.



    Hi there,

    Sorry you’re having this problem, that sounds time consuming and frustrating! To help me investigate what’s going on it would help me if you could go through the process you normally go through when you create a post, taking screenshots of each step so I can see what you’re seeing. I would especially like to see the insert media page with settings and the edit post page after you insert the image.

    Could you create a draft or private post to model what happens so I can see it?

    Thanks for your help!


    Yes. I will create a draft and take screenshots throughout the trouble spots. Thanks for your help!



    Hi there,

    Great! You can upload the screenshots to your media library and leave a link to them and to your draft post here and I’ll be able to see them.



    I have attached links to five screenshots that show my blog development process, and the issues I’m having getting full-size shots to appear in the post. The comment on each screenshot details the step. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Here is a link to the actual draft post.

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3
    Step 4
    Code view



    Hi there,

    I apologize for it taking so long to get back to you! Our department has been mostly off for the past few days.

    I’ve been digging in to this issue and I went through and replicated it myself. I can definitely see why you’re frustrated! The issue is actually that even though the theme itself has been set to allow for a width of 1024 pixels, the container for posts is still set for only 800 pixels.

    Clearly because it is going into an area which is wide enough, the container is able to stretch just fine, but our media uploader is reading the theme’s width and stepping down the image width accordingly as it inserts the image.

    I’ve reported this issue, but for now you will sadly need to either keep adjusting the width of the images or you might need to switch themes. Sorry about that!

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