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Why can't I add a link?

  1. Trying to add a link. In visual mode the link button is not visible and in text mode, I add it in then it's gone when I try to preview. What am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What page are you trying to link to? Affililate links will generally vanish if you try and put them on a blog.

  3. Was trying to link it to a website for a product I use regularly.

  4. What is the ACTUAL link you were trying to put in? Starting with http.


  6. What is the actual link, starting with http, that you were trying to put in? Where, exactly, were you trying to put it? Your blog has no posts.

  7. I'm having the same problem. I can add a link in text mode but not in visual editor. The buttons are grey shaded. I tried on both my tablet and linux laptop--in several different browsers, AFTER I had cleared the cache on all browsers. It doesn't matter what link it is as the button doesn't work. Similarly as the person above when I add a link (say on the text side it disappears when I move back to visual mode. I've used wordpress, Drupal, joomla, blogger, ezpublish for years and a number of tinymce / wysiwyg variants--so this is more than just a little mysterious for me. I wonder if it is because its on the hosted site and that feature is now a premium service

  8. Hmmm, I noted the original question poser has deleted their site. Which I did with the new one I was trying to create.

  9. In the Visual editor, the link button is always greyed out when you haven't highlighted any text. First you type the word or phrase that should work as the link, then you highlight it, then you click the link button to paste the URL.
    Frequent misconception: the "title" you can add in the link popup is not the visible clickable text, it's optional extra info that shows when you hover over a link.

    PS Please search the Support docs and the forum before asking questions: this is a standard feature, covered in the relevant doc, and your question has been answered countless times.

  10. Yes, that works! Wow do I feel silly :-(

    Many thanks! However, I did do a search of both the support docs and forum for this precise problem. I usually do this kind of activity first. Nothing popped up that seemed relevant. Guess I didn't search hard enough. But thanks for your help.

  11. You're welcome.
    The forum search tool produces both relevant and irrelevant results, so after you enter a word or a phrase and click Search, it's best to scroll right to the bottom and click the "search at Google" link.

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