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Why can't I add extra line or paragraph breaks?

  1. Ok, this makes sense, no more tags or changing text colors. WP wants you to use css not inline tags, which makes sense.

    Add a p tag into your style sheet and adjust paragraph spacing by changing the padding.

  2. Changing CSS will only work if you have the upgrade. The inline HTML support here isn't perfect, but it works well enough for me (still haven't managed to get a table to work).

  3. nazcadesigns1330

    I know and feel the aggravation with this simple issue. My bigger concern is why this was never fixed and at least simpler. Great application, but cannot do the simplest of simplest things. Hasn't anyone at WordPress heard of this and tried to fix it? So confused on this one.

    Anyways, I first added this code in the stylesheet .colorfont {font-size1px; color:#fff; background-color:#fff; } than turnoff the rich editor under users>profiles>uncheck the rich editor. Than add a back tick "" before the first<br/><br/>and after the last one. It will add the space and yes put those ticks on the page, but with .colorfont class it will reduce the color and shrink it. The final output would be<span class="colorfont"><br /><br /></span>` Thank you above for the input.

  4. I messed around with trying to get double line breaks for a whole day! Am not in rtf mode, either. What a pain. I found a workaround. I merely insert:

    < p >< font SIZE="1" >< /font >< br / >
    < font SIZE="1" >< /font >< /p >

    (Minus the extra spacebars.)

    This is probably similar to vanbleautenbil's:

    < p align="left" > < /p >

    (Minus the extra spacebars.)

    What a pain in the backside!

  5. I checked the theme's CSS and noticed that the designer grouped a bunch of tags together, including the paragraph tag, and gave it the following attributes: {margin:0;padding:0;border:0;}.

    I simply removed the p (paragraph) tag and left the others unchanged. It worked like a charm. Hope this helps someone!

  6. removed - posted in error

  7. so how would a newbie figure out this one? I simply want to be able to indent paragraphs and put a space between my image and the text. I really don't know any Html...

  8. Thanks rjkxxxblues. I was up to my neck with this space between text and pictures thing.
    I tried inserting all other codes posted on this site but to no avail. Amazingly, yours code works for me. Brilliant

    < p >< font SIZE="1" >< /font >< br / >
    < font SIZE="1" >< /font >< /p >

  9. <p style="float:right;text-align:center;padding-top:1em;padding-left:0.5em;"><img src="http://yourimae">"text here"</a></p>

  10. i think that will help and it works in blogs. See mine at

  11. opppss.

    <p style="float:right;text-align:center;padding-top:1em;padding-left:0.5em;"><img src="http://yourimage">"text here"</a></p>

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