Why can’t I add links to my post?

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    I’ve tried using the “search” box, but don’t get the step-by-step answers I need… I also tried to guess and experiment using info from other answers in search, but so far, nothing works.

    I would like to make links to other web pages in my posts now and again: sometimes they will be to “back pages” of my own blog where I am referencing earlier posts in a particular series, sometimes it’s to another Blogger and sometimes to anarticle on the web that relates to the post i’m making.

    I can copy/paste the http:// ever so long tag link thingy filled with gobbledy gook and / and numbers etc /at the end

    but visitors still have to copy and paste this into a new window to see the information.

    I need the link to show up as a clean, clickable link that just takes viewers to a second window please.

    I need simple, step, by step instructions on how to do that please please please.

    think idiot-proof instructions and that would be about the computer level I work at please :)

    I’ve tied “insert” and then add link into, as soon as I add the “address” a big red “X” appears at the beginning of the box…?

    ALL the other options in the “link” option of my dashboard come up with the following error message:


    File not found

    Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Documents and Settings/kiwidutch/My Documents/My Pictures/themes.php.

    * Check the file name for capitalisation or other typing errors.

    * Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

    It looks to me like it’s trying to look on my computer for the info and not on the www at the address I’m trying to give…so naturally it’s not finding it.

    surely there has to be an easier way to insert a link? I’m not finding it so far :)

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

    regards.. kiwidutch


    The blog I need help with is kiwidutch.wordpress.com.



    There is only one option I use. I click the Insert a link icon, it’s the tenth icon on the first row. 1. High light the text you want to insert the link under 2. Click the Insert a link icon. 3. A dialog box opens, to the left of Link URL type in the link/web address. 4. Click Insert at the bottom right. 5. Now your link should be inserted.



    I think I should add that I go first to New Post at the top of my blog, where is says: ‘My Account My Dashboard New Post Blog Info’



    Ok, I went to ” add new link” but it’s refusing to be in the body text of the post, it’s now in my blogroll (NOT where I wanted it at all!!!)

    I want to link to appear within the body of my posts… yes?

    I’m struggling ( and failing) to make a screenshot, ( where the heck IS my clipboard???) as I am not seeing things on my screen as you describe at all… agh !

    it’s late, I’ve got a chest infection and am coughing myself silly, gotta get back to bed and i’m going to have another go at this tomorrow…

    Thanks for the help, but sorry to say I’m not there yet…by a long shot.



    I can see the link in your blogroll that you want in the post. If you edit the post and copy paste this into it where you want it to appear minus the backticks ` that I have to use to make it display on the forum that will provide a temporary fix.

    <a href="http://www.countrybumpkin.com.au/index.php?cPath=40">A-Z Stitching Book Series 0</a>

    Once you have the link in the post you can edit your Links and remove the link from your blogroll. As for your problem with entering links into new posts we can deal with that the next time you post to this thread. Get well soon.



    When you go to your homepage (http://kiwidutch.wordpress.com/), after you log in, New Post should be at the top toward the right. Click on that and it should take you to your Add New Post page. If you want to edit and existing post, look to column on the left of your page and scroll down a little. You should see a menu titled Posts. Underneath there are links to click on. Click on Edit. This should take you to your previous posts. Click the one you want to edit and follow the steps in my first posts. I’d show you what my dashboard looks like but I don’t know how to add a picture on here.



    I’m assuming you read this?




    Cheers everyone… it’s now working as a link but not appearing in blue with the “Country Bumpkin A-Z Book Series” title that I gave it….

    Raincoaster, I think I looked at more than 20 posts when I “searched” for adding Links, but your one wasn’t one that I saw. It IS really helpful ! Thanks!!!

    One of my problems seems to be that the link icon in the kitchen sink is paled out and not immediately clickable so I actually missed it at first.

    It only went clickable once I had highlighted the actual link in my text.

    (Duh …took me a while to work that one out !)

    I Did also manage to remove the Country Bumpkin link OUT of the blogroll area where I didn’t want it… Thanks timetheif ! ( also for the get well wishes, copious amounts of strong medication are slowly helping)

    pgaesthetics, I’m finding the instructions harder to follow with my foggy brain right now, without pictures to guide me ( can you tell I learn by seeing?)
    but I’m busy trying to master this as it’s SO handy to be able to know how to do it. Thanks!!!



    The Support documents don’t come up when you do a Forum search, but both forum and support docs come up when you search Support. You can find the Support docs at the top of the page, under Support. When I got here first, it took me a month to find them!



    Yeah you have to highlight text before you can add a link within the text. It’s the only way been able to add a clickable link.

    If you have an email address, I can send you the screen shot so you can see what I’m talking about. It will be pretty simple once you see the screen shot.

    I thought everyone’s dashboard was the same.



    I’ve taken a look at your blog and left a comment on your “about” page”… cool blog BTW I didn’t know you were into Design and Graphics (I started out my career in that direction but Life took a few other turns so didn’t stay in the field) You can pick up my email addy via the email notification of the comment yes?



    now I don’t feel so silly that I couldn’t find it so easily either, Thanks!!!

    Um.. is there any way to “save” these threads into a folder? ( for future reference?)



    You can mark any forum thread as a favorite. Look at the top of the right hand sidebar and find this: “Add this topic to your favorites (?)” then click the link.



    I just emailed you, Kiwidutch.




    Thanks for the info on Favourites… obviously I don’t seem to do fine print very well … (oops)

    I’ve saved this thread now :) Cheers!



    pgaesthetics, … got the email, Many Thanks!

    Did you notice that the two link icons are really paled out? (the one with a whole link and the link broken into two…)

    I totally missed that they were even there (until now) for that reason, and it only gets darker and works if you are actually highlighting a link that you’d like to activate so getting it to work by trial and error is frustrating.

    My lack of technical knowledge is my biggest handicap … technically stupid is more the word LOL

    Thanks to wonderful people like everyone here who replies to my Help! threads, I will slowly build up my knowledge and make my blog better step-by-step :)

    You guys are SO APPRECIATED, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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