why cant I buy a domain name though the wordpress???

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    hi all,
    I am trying to buy a doamin name through wordpress for my blog … I brought the credits (15) and they are on my account .. when I go to the ugrades/domains then I enter the doamin I want… http://www.volunteer2volunteer.org.uk … I only get an option to redirect an existing doamin name to my blog … but how do I buy a domain from wordpress???
    regards to all



    It’s because it’s a name that already exists; if you want to buy a domain through WordPress it has to be unique, one that’s not already registered. If it’s a name that’s already been registered (and you own the domain) then you can only redirect it. If you enter a name which is entirely unique then you shouldn’t have any problems.


    I checked the name out on godaddy and godaddy says it is aviable. Any other suggestions



    That’s strange. It’s definitely available through GoDaddy and a number of other hosts… perhaps you can’t register .org.uk domains through WordPress; I just tried several and none of them work.

    You could contact staff about it after Easter; they’d know if there’s a problem or if it’s unsupported for some reason. In the end if you can get it from GoDaddy it might be worth it anyway as you can register it for longer, which is better with Google.


    ok cheers – but what about my credits that I purchased … does wordpress refund?



    If you contact staff they might be able to, depending on the circumstances. You’ll still need some of the credits, though; if you purchase the domain from GoDaddy, you’ll need the domain mapping upgrade for the domain to work. That’s 10 credits. The FAQ can show you how to set it all up. Hope that helps.

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