Why can't I cancel!!!

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    I have two days to cancel – they’re shut over the weekend. They say to go to Shop and Domains to cancel it but there’s no flipping option to cancel it there!!!

    The blog I need help with is sexylittlebella.wordpress.com.



    Which blog are you trying to cancel the domain mapping upgrade you purchased for it? The blog linked to your username does not appear to have a doamin mapping upgrade as this is the URL for it http://sexylittlebella.wordpress.com/


    I did select to have the domain name without the wordpress in it – so clearly that didn’t work!!! In which case I may just leave it then but I’m not sure the format of these sites is going to suit my needs. So long as I’m not paying for something then I guess I can move to ‘not gonna worry about it’ status! Thanks for getting back to me.



    Just in case you did purchase the upgrade but did not follow through with the instructions look here please Dashboad > Store > Domains
    If you require a refund, you can still request one directly from the Store section of your Blog’s Dashboard or the Store -> Domains section for domain-specific upgrades.



    I don’t see any transactions on your account.

    Did you receive a receipt from us?



    I clicked to say that i wanted the domain name without ‘wordpress’ in there – but then i don’t think it went through and I did indeed expect i’d receive some kind of confirmation but nothing – so can only assume it didn’t go through. Have since registered the domains I wanted and am getting a website thru a different route. I’d just like to know how I remove everything – this blog, everything – the instructions to go to Shop and then delete (or whatever it is), don’t work – there was no option to delete when I looked at this from the dashboard. So I was a bit stumped – I just want to terminate everything and get on with a different way of have a presence on the web as I just felt that wordpress wasn’t the route for me. Can you cancel/delete everything for me at all???



    You can delete your blog from Tools -> Delete Site in your blog’s Dashboard.

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