Why can't I change my blog address

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    Every time I try and changed my blog address it continues to say it is temporarily down. This has been happening for almost a month now which makes it NOT temporary. Just wondering if anybody else has had this issue and how long I need to expect this to continue. I do not want to publish my site under my username (which I can’t even change either) and am delayed every day that this is still a matter. Please help WordPress. I love you and do not want to move to a different blog host.

    The blog I need help with is zcluley.wordpress.com.



    This is an ongoing problem, and I am also disappointed that the staff cannot give an indication of how long it will take to resolve other than “soon”.

    In the mean time you can still move your blog the old-fashioned way:

    1. Create a new blog with the desired name.
    2. Export your old blog from the old blog’s dashboard (tools->export).
    3. go to your new blog dashboard and import the previous export (tools->import)
    4. When you receive notification that this is complete make your old blog private, or use the site redirect upgrade, so duplicate sites don’t affect your SEO.

    Another alternative is to use the domain mapping upgrade with a custom domain, though people will be able to discover the unmapped blog address in image urls.



    I’ve really been wanting to change my username, but it’s disabled “temporarily”. It says to check back in a few days… It’s been more than a few days! ):



    Thanks Tandava. I will keep that in mind as a last resort just in case this takes longer than desired. I have one question though. If I did all of that to transfer the blog could I then just delete my old blog instead of making it private or using custom mapping to a domain?



    You can always delete your blog, but that means neither you nor anybody else can ever use that URL again, so we normally just suggest it be set to private.

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