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Why can't I change my username, nor create a new blog?

  1. I have already contacted itself about this, and I only received some sort of AUTOMATED REPLY from a certain "Ryan M." that was sent to me twice on two different cases:

    "The error you have experienced upon registration has occurred because one or more of your blogs is currently under a warning or suspension. Please visit your existing Dashboards and contact us using the link that has been provided there to resolve the problem before you attempt to create a new blog."

    How would I even be able to do that, if I already deleted my one and only blog? I tried creating a new blog, seeing that I have none in the settings page, and it resulted in an error on wordpress' part. And I have tried accessing the "Personal Settings" in the dashboard ( to change my username, which ended up with the same error. I have reported both instances using their respective resulting error page, and all I get is a response that is blatantly copypasted (please do understand my frustration). Prior to the recent deletion of my blog, I changed my email address to the more active one, which I saw as a harmless move.

    I am not sure if the community would actually be of help in this situation, but I am trying my chances here.
    Blog url:

  2. Ryan M is a member of the Terms of Service Staff. We Volunteers cannot help you. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. I have also sent a message on the "Suspended Blogs" page, in case it needs to be sent there instead. Thank you for your response.

  4. Again, I do apologize if there are any insulting remarks that I may have made. It was all just brought about by frustration. If this problem was just caused by sheer idiocy on my part, then I apologize again.

  5. This issue is now resolved, thanks to Anthony.

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