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Why cant I change the details I want to change?

  1. Someone else set up this blog for me. The URL has a mispelling in it however... FAIL. It should be theanomalysrapture not theanomalisrapture. Can this be corrected? Also why wont my display name change be saved? These things are frustrating. I hope you can help.
    Blog url:

  2. What browser version are you using? please make sure it's up-to-date. Please follow the steps in this guide to change a blog URL ending in Another alternative is to purchase a custom domain name to take "wordpress" out of the domain altogether.

  3. I am not opposed to the URL ending as much as the typographical error in the domain. The browser I use is Chrome ver. 13.0.782.220 m recently updated (5 Days or so) I will try the steps listed above but do you have any suggestion as to why my user tag change wont be stored?

  4. To change a blog URL ending in, please follow these steps:

    Regarding the user tag change, are you referring to your username or display name?

    Instructions on changing both your username and display name are available here:

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