Why can't I contact support directly?

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    I am trying to send an issue to support at WordPress. I have done this recently for another blog, but can’t seem to find any option right now other than asking the community. Considering my question contains specific information that I don’t exactly want to advertise to the general public, this isn’t a good option for me. Is there no longer a link to contact support directly?
    Blog url: http://imwalde.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is imwalde.com.



    March 22, 2012 http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ announcement

    We believe everyone deserves fantastic support for their WordPress.com blog. Our backlog of requests has consistently grown as our team of 10 receives nearly 8,000 messages a week. To get caught up and give our customers the support they expect with paid upgrades, we made the difficult decision to limit the contact form to customers with upgrades. Once we are caught up we will work on bringing a high level of support back for everyone.

    If you are new to WordPress.com we have a step-by-step guide to all things WordPress. Our helpful forums remain open and you can find more details in our support documentation. There we have guides on getting started, writing your first post, and finding your readers.

    We will update this space as we work on bringing back outstanding, free support for everyone. Thank you.

    If you have purchased an upgrade then you can contact Staff directly using this link http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ As it does not sound like you purchased an upgrade I flagged this thread for Staff assistance.



    I’m sorry for the inconvenience – our direct contact form has been closed temporarily but will reopen soon. I will send you an email to help get your issue sorted privately.



    Since the problem I’m having is regarding my email addresses being down after mapping my domain, sending an email to this account will not help. Can you please send to kate at winterscapes dot com. I have already read all the support literature on changing the DNS records, but am still having trouble and my hosting company is not being much help. I need to be able to talk with someone at WordPress directly about the information the hosting company gave me and EXACTLY how to input it into WordPress to get my email working again – it’s been very frustrating and the directions are not clear.


    Fair enough… and you get what you pay for. Users can’t expect WP.com to answer all their questions for nothing. Would be good to have purchased support options. For example… I don’t need any of those options in the upgrade, but would like to buy support hours.



    imwalde – I’ve just resent a message to the email you provided. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.

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