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why cant i contact wordpress directly

  1. I need to contact wordpress directly to change my domain. why am I continuously directed to community support, when it is entirely unhelpful?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi lucyruthcrowder, just fyi: this forum isn't solely community support — this is where staff members answer direct questions as well.

    Have you posted your questions in another thread somewhere?

    For domains, there is a lot of information on different ways to change domains here: Domains Settings

    If you want to check back in with more specifics, then volunteers and staff will be able to help you.

  3. hi, well i wanted to post information that shouldn't be public as well to ask you to redirect my domain. I'm not very good with computers so the information in domain settings doesnt make a lot of sense to me im afraid.

  4. @lettergrade,
    You can see previous posts in this forum by clicking on the word under the username: member, moderator, happiness engineer, theme wrangler, and so on. Staff is designated with a silver/grey background; volunteers are plain white.

  5. another fyi - the staff does not usually change setting on your blog - they will give you the instructions and the same links to the instructions that we will give you in the forum

  6. @1tess, I know. ;)

  7. @lucyruthcrowder

    …change my domain…

    Can you please specify what you want to change your domain to? A different site? Are you planning to move to a self-hosted site? Do you want to change the domain name?

    This thread has a modlook tag so staff will see it, but a bit of specific information would speed things along. If you subscribe to this topic then you'll be notified of responses (see the option to subscribe in the right-hand sidebar).

  8. @lettergrade,
    I was not certain if you did or not. Lots of folks read these forums, and many folks don't know that particular bit of info, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post an explanation… no offense meant!

  9. @1tess. None taken! My nuance had gotten lost, your assumption was totally fair.

  10. @lucyruthcrowder - I contacted you via email so we can discuss the private information you mentioned. Please reply to that email or let me know here if you don't receive it. Thanks!

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