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why can't I copy then paste from my windows documents any more?

  1. No win doc.s to post

    The blog I need help with is

  2. why is there no avenue to download a document from a flash drive directly into the new post box ?!!!

  3. We need the URL for the blog in question starting with http:// in order to begin to try and help you. Please post it now.

  4. timetheif:

  5. This is an active link

  6. Please go here and be sure this is enabled on your blog > Settings > Writing
    __ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
    "Save Changes"

    If you are copying and pasting into posts or pages then please use the icons numbered 5 or 6 in row 2 of the visual editor. See here >

  7. We do have a handy "Paste from Word" feature that you can use:

    However, for better results, I recommend using Windows Live Writer instead:

  8. sorry 'bout spelling,. I don't understand what you meant. yes it is an active blog, but I still can't upload the post from a flash drive if I'm not on MY computer. I use Linux, convert to DOC., transfer to flash, go to win7 and get stopped.

  9. Unfortunately, we've never had a way to upload .doc files and instantly turn them into posts.

    You could upload them and provide a download link, or embed them with Scribd but you could never turn them into posts.

    The best that we can offer in that regard is the Paste from Word feature or integration with a blogging client like Windows Live Writer

  10. THANK YOU, BOTH for your TIME and energy !!!

  11. You're welcome from me. :)

  12. You're welcome!

  13. well I'm back. It seems that "windows is having "PROBLEMS" and I have a Linux system. Their blog is down so I can't ask a question since I don't/ (WON'T) own anything past xp. This is something that I wrote MATT about. It appears that alternative os's are being trottled in the blogOSphere.

  14. In the meanwhile why don't you try the alternatives macmanx posted above?

  15. Blogging here at really has nothing to do with what OS you're using.

    We support all major browsers (especially Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE 7+).

    The last time I checked, Firefox and some form of Chrome was available on most Linux systems.

    As for the suggestion of Windows Live Writer, it's only because I though you were on Windows (bad assumption). Windows Live Writer uses the XML-RPC protocol, which is an open protocol and used by many blogging clients. We have a few non-Windows recommendations at

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