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Why cant I figure out widgets???

  1. I would like to add certain widgets on my side bar. The 1st one I tried adding was the html bits from Plugoo. I click on Text from the bottom, move it over to the sidebar, then open it and paste the code, and then save. But it never shows up on my sidebar on my front page.
    Should I not be placing this and other html codes in the text widget? Which one should I use? Thanks!

  2. Pardon me for asking, but is your blog hosted on wordpress.COM?
    EDIT: Quick whois search and looks like you are hosted on yahoo. You might want to head over to the wordpress.ORG forums and ask there.

    If I'm entirely offbase, my apologies for not understanding.

  3. can you show us the code? certain codes do not work in, perhaps that's why.

  4. this is my site...

    this is one of the codes I wanted to add to my sidebar...

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  5. As sulz said, some codes do not work in and Javascript it one of them. Here's why:

  6. Thanks for your quick reply!

  7. Ah, now I understand. Your forum profile lists your yahoo site and not your blog. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    The meebo chat widget is OK to use on, if that helps. If you look under Presentation/Widgets, all available widgets for your theme are listed there. Just drag them into the sidebar where you want them positioned and configure whatever needs configuring.

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