why cant i have more than one blog for one email address?

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    I have a blog on wordpress and I want to open a second one. I only have one email address, and I really only want one email address. Why can’t I use my email address for more than one wordpress blog. When I tried, I got an error stating that that email address was already being used.



    You can.

    When you are logged in go to the wordpress.com homepage. Where it says “Welcome Back”, there is an option just underneath to “register another blog”. Click that and you’re away!.

    What you can’t do is have a different account with the same email address.

    Good luck!



    I second what cornell said above, you can.

    I just wanted to add that several of us today and in the past few days have been experiencing some delay in availability of our newly registered blogs (I already had a blog, but needed a new one for different purposes). It may take you some hours before you can actually start using your new blog. Just for your information.

    But, again, teh answer to your question is, you can. And you can easily switch from a blog to the other simply by clicking on the title on the top left when you’re in your admin page.

    Hope that helps! =)

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