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Why can't I insert a gqallery in a page?

  1. I am working in The iTheme2 Theme and trying to insert a gallery in a page but instead of inserting the gallery I get this ÈB; and when I update the page, there is no gallery! I was able to insert a slideshow gallery in the gallery widget so what is the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I get this ÈB

    Not sure I understand that part, but are you following the instructions as described in this Support doc?

  3. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have followed those instructions several times and still get only ÈB; inserted when I click the "Insert Gallery" button. I've gotten the same ÈB; when trying to insert individual images when I click the "Insert Image" button using that function, and when I started to set up the Blog by copying text from a Word.doc and pasting it into the edit box I was getting the same ÈB; :(

    I was able to get around the text copy issue by "printing" the Word.doc as a PDF, opening the newly created PDF, then hitting the text icon and copying it from the PDF. Once I did that, the text would paste properly into the edit box and show when saved & published!

    Thanks, kiwibob

  4. Jennifer,

    Problem solved :) I went to the Library and used a Public computer that is much newer than mine at home. It appears the problem is related to an outdated Browser or the old OS on my computer.

    Thanks again, kiwibob

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